Covid19 Guidelines


COVID-19 Guidelines:

The Quarry is dedicated to ensuring the safety of our guests and staff during this difficult time.  Please read the following to ensure you are familiar with our policies for the foreseeable future.


As per AHS guidelines starting Monday, May 10th, only members of the same household, or if living alone you and your two cohorts, can play together. For further guidelines regarding golf please visit

Tee Time Booking:

We encourage all players to book their tee time online at  If you do not have access to a computer please call us at 780-477-8437. Please note that pre-payment is mandatory.  Should you not have access to the internet we will take credit card payments over the phone ahead of time.

Arriving at The Quarry:

Please arrive no sooner than 20 minutes ahead of your scheduled tee time unless you are intending to visit the Granite Grill prior to your tee time. We will have a parking lot attendant greeting all guests as you arrive to explain where to park and the outdoor check in process. The Golf shop will be open to a maximum of 5 guests at a time


Please do not touch tee markers, or the pin while on the course.  We have inverted our cups to ensure the ball does not fall below the cup line so you will not need to remove the flag at any time.  Rakes have been removed.  Please place your ball in a smooth area in the bunker should your ball end up in one.  Tee times are adequately spaced so please give other golfers around you

Following Your Round:

Please remove ALL GARBAGE AND BELONGINGS from your powercart in our designated cleaning area.

At All Times:
Ensure physical distancing at all times.  This means a MINIMUM of 6’ between all guests at all times.  Please wash your hands frequently at our sanitizing stations and follow all signage and guidelines at the course.

Food And Beverage:

As of May 14th our restaurant will be open for business.  Our tables will be 6 feet apart, the staff will wear masks when serving and all other AHS regulations will be strictly followed.

We kindly ask that all individuals read our signage before entering the restaurant and wait to be seated by one of our friendly staff.

We have enhanced all of our sanitization processes and procedures however if you do not feel an area is to your standards please inform one of our staff members.

Inclement Weather:

In the event of inclement weather which may force golfers off the course we ask:
1) please seek shelter outside of the clubhouse ie – in your vehicle.

2) Please ensure social distancing is happening especially amongst other unknown players and staff.

Cart Usage:
We will be issuing two carts maximum per every four player group.  The only exception to this is if we have a single joining an unknown group in which case that guest will be permitted to ride on their own.  Guests have the following options when it comes to using the power carts

  • Both guests can ride together in a cart (AHS is suggesting mask use if not from the same household or cohort)
  • One player can be the designated driver and the other can walk with their bag on the cart
  • One player can walk while carrying their equipment

Booking Policy

We strongly encourage ALL guests to book online and to pre-pay for their round.  This will help alleviate lines and congestion in the golf shop which has a maximum of 5 guests permitted at any given time.

Failure to obey all Covid-19 policies will result in your removal from the premises.